Black paper and correction pen (Presto! Jumbo Correction Pen Fine Point Metal Tip)

I like the process of this exploration. The dots seem to shimmer. Fun working on different experiments– density, color, radiality, background.

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Skateboarding graphic


My new board. True story: I’ve never really stood up on a skateboard. It’s been really fun and a little scary trying out a new hobby. Peeps keep asking me if I had a big fall like it’s a given. Also my first time spraypainting an object (I guess, really? as far as I can remember). The paint comes out in a spray so it’s difficult to evenly coat it. and it comes out fast. An unforgiving medium. It looks way cool though. It’s out of the can look without any skill in application has an effect of what it is, just boom, there it is. it was so fast, the process of start to finish being less than a couple of minutes, but so much fun. I would love to work on more decks.

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Cat-Owl Zine

I had some time off from work after my father died. I wanted to catch up on some projects I’ve been thinking about doing but had less focus to get them out there and out of my to-do list. This is a zine reflecting on some rough times I had with my mental health and the art that came from it.

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A character evolved from cosmic bunny of last year. This one has plant life growing out of it and text! I made zines.

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dadzine3Β (pdf)


In Β honor of my dad I gathered some materials that I love, some poetry I sent him celebrating him, memories relating to his final days and the mysteries and rituals there after.

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Work Samples

This gallery contains 6 photos.

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Screens and Scores, Corridors

As part of a monthly art happening (among other things) Klanghaus has been really fun. This month’s event was called Screens and Scores.

Curated in collaboration with Victoria Perenyi, this will be an evening of film screenings and live music. We’ve selected several pieces by local video artists and assigned them to composers, who in response will create an original score to be performed live in conjunction with the selected film’s screening. Like every Klanghaus event, this evening is about the collaboration between artists of different mediums and breaking apart traditional curatorial formats in order to create an intimate evening of creative exploration. -fb event description


“Corridors” Katarina Countiss

score by Zachary Hazen

featuring Debbie Gold, Kyle Beard, Dani Robison, and Zachary Hazen.


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