I developed a currency that never took off. I was moving and needed help and didn’t have a lot of money lying around. I thought this would be a nice gesture, to give someone a kat-credit and then they could get something from me at a later date. Oh well. They are stickers and bookmarks and theoretically honorable.

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I Love Oakland Totes and Shirts

I made a sticker and I thought it would make a great shirt. I did a one off using Customink and then wanted to have a run so I put a call out for local printers. Cole Gates reached out to me from instagram and was really great to work with. Very responsive and reasonably priced and the items were exactly what I envisioned.

When the weather gets better, I’m going to start finding venues or events to sell the shirts at. I put some totes at my favorite bookstore EM Wolfman.

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Performance: December 18, 2017

I asked my friends on Facebook what their favorite TV shows as a child were. I took 36 random shows and created a schedule for the Klanghaus that evening. The event was Lighthaus (pieces incorporating light).

I will find the schedule I printed and laminated. I used one of the venue’s couches and set my overhead projector on the coffee table and aimed it at one of Z-Space’s black curtains.

People would come over and I’d pass them the katv guide and they would look at what time it was and what shows are “playing.” They asked about how to change the channel. I told them you can just tell me. I brought with me transparencies of images from the different shows and put them on the projector when the channel was requested.

I used my portable speaker and iphone to play sound clips from the corresponding shows. I created playlists organized by timeslot.

I liked the channel “KATV” where I had three live shows: Look at My Doilies! (I brought doilies to layer on the projector.); Words are Fun! (I wrote whatever words on transparencies); Joy of Iron Filings (I brought a bar magnet and iron filings and a particle tray–read: ferrero rocher has a lovely plastic tray).

I should totally get over my nerves and document performances I’m doing while I’m doing them. I wish I had a pic to show how cool this looks.


7pm   8pm  9pm

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Sound Safari E, F, G








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Holiday Photobooth



em wolfman is a great venue.

i set up my overhead projector and tried out my particle tray for the first time.

Next time I would produce a sign so peeps know what’s up. Maybe it should light up too

Local media artist and friend Ben Lerchin attended the booth with his DSLR. photos from that soon to be posted here.


The beads ads are a fascinating orange but the projection is stunning in its pointillism feel


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ASMR with Katarina at C4NM

Short post: ASMR show at the center for new music in Sf, 111417

binaural recording yet to be uploaded


audience wore headphones I played videos and talked about ASMR and my process, handed out booklets I made for the event

live fb vid posted below


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Dance Therapy/Playback

This was at the Periwinkle Palace, for their monthly Performance Primer. The Periwinkle Palace is the only exclusively performance art and dance DIY venue in Oakland.

This was the first time I did Dance Therapy/Playback with the overhead projector. Looking at it now, it seems a little distracting, but I like it anyways.

Before the piece began, I went around to everyone in the room and asked them to write down the best part of their week and the worst part of their week. Since it was a Saturday, no one said anything about nothing happening yet. The receipt roll paper was an excellent choice, giving the participant an opportunity to write as much as they wanted. I didn’t get any that were surprisingly long.

For more on The process of developing this piece:

Dance Therapy Notes and Performance | Katablog

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