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ASMR: Poetry– When Never Happens – YouTube

I’m getting back into poetry. I am gearing up mentally for an upcoming show for my residency at SAFEhouse for the Arts. I’m nervous because it’s my first solo stage work. I have the skeleton of the show down, but … Continue reading

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Martyr and Anti-Martyr

As I lay awake, I realized without moving that I loved what I could have and what I couldn’t have. Insatiable. It was a tiny revelation. I looked at my life and saw I had everything I needed and all … Continue reading

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Advice from Silent Citadel

don’t worry too much about how you look, worry about how you feel. make art, all the time. If you’re not working on something be planning for the next thing. yes, we can do that, for sure Drink enough water. … Continue reading

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Manic Poetry

Edge of Time (2003) I went to the edge of time one day. It’s a feeling I can’t describe or say. Never-stopping; a rapid motion constant lapping, like an ocean. As I sat, pondered this new feat Something was coming … Continue reading

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Eyes are Lakes

  Eyes, lakes of my simple passion to be reborn Other than as the actor who gestures with his hand As with a pen, and evokes the foul soot of the lamps. Here’s a window In the walls, of the … Continue reading

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