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Holiday Photobooth

111817 em wolfman is a great venue. i set up my overhead projector and tried out my particle tray for the first time. Next time I would produce a sign so peeps know what’s up. Maybe it should light up … Continue reading

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Daily Kaleidolons

My friend and muse, Melanie Diez, named the Image Series. “kalos (beautiful in Greek) + eidolon (“idol” in Greek, in English it means a vision or phantasm)” Speaking with Dan, another friend of mine, he said that he was a … Continue reading

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Bike Ride

This is the midpoint of my commute to work! A great way to start the day! Advertisements

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Boy Scout Photoshoot

  For today’s New Media project, my team and I are still working on the Boot Scouts idea. In the program’s resourceful fashion, we borrowed another team’s member to be our scout model. He looked rather dashing in the red … Continue reading

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Steps to Photographer-Designer Relations

The last project in Jill’s class involved collaborating with the first-years in the photography program next door. When they got the assignments back, they felt it was necessary to have a meeting about photographer-designer relations. Always in this program, we’re … Continue reading

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Photoshop Final

This was a fun project. A four-parter: untouched photograph, retouched photograph, found object/ filter utilization, and abstract.   Some quick fixes to any portrait: brighten up the whites of the eyes and teeth, smooth the skin, eliminate extraneous hair, whether … Continue reading

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