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Wedding Vids

I thought I’d share my public speaking accomplishments at my sister’s wedding. Below are links to a poem mash-up I chose to read and my toast to the bride and groom. Video credit to Terryl Rock. Thanks!   Advertisements

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Satchmo, Grove, and Chocolate

July has been a month of travelling and shifting for me. August will be a weird one too. Going to Seattle and Wisconsin for my sister’s wedding festivities. I got a new job working at a chocolate factory thanks to … Continue reading

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Day 152: The First Demo Day

This was my first week of Web Developer Coding Bootcamp. After spending the summer recovering, I enrolled into a government sponsored vocational training program. It’s been really nice having a place to go to focus on my projects. Today, we had demo … Continue reading

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Advice from Silent Citadel

don’t worry too much about how you look, worry about how you feel. make art, all the time. If you’re not working on something be planning for the next thing. yes, we can do that, for sure Drink enough water. … Continue reading

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Transmania as a Lifestyle

  I come from a line of strong women and I need to be strong now. Grannies (and consequently my parents who are first-born– and have a few siblings each) had to raise a brood on their own because their husbands … Continue reading

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Drug Rape is Real and It Happened To Me What is Toxic Love? It’s peer pressure. They wanted to protect us but they didn’t know us. What they showed us and said “this” was not for us and we had to be stronger than our parents’ certainty. They … Continue reading

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Thank You Tweeters!

Last night, I gave a five minute presentation on Kaleidescopy to an audience of over 500 people! Here are some tweets from the event, Ignite Seattle 26. Get the full story at #is26 @KatCountiss I really enjoyed your talk on art/beauty and … Continue reading

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