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Interview for Internship

Today, I went to a graphic design internship interview. It’s been a while since I’ve interviewed, the last time being for the job I currently have, but I thought an internship would be nice to get some new skills and … Continue reading

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Internship Summary

Today is the 4th. September 7th is my last day at the Internship. My supervisor asked me to make a list of my tasks I have performed as their intern. I have listed them below. This has been a fruitful … Continue reading

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Certificate Design

Today, at the internship, I got an assignment: redesign a training course completion certificate for a heath care company. I was clarifying the verbal creative brief with my project manager. He relayed the mood adjectives and I made a mood … Continue reading

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Fun With Photoshop: Drop Shadows

This is one of the tasks passed to me as an intern for an advertising agency. This is a fun problem to solve. Turns out that the photographer shot a light fixture product upside down. Photoshop to the rescue! (I … Continue reading

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Adobe Illustrator: My First Map

As a task for a brochure that my company is making, I created this map in illustrator. When my supervisor told me to make the dark rectangle look more like railroad tracks, I knew it was a job for the … Continue reading

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FacebookTimeline: A Review

In this morning’s meeting, I’ve been given the task of researching a company’s competitors’ social media efforts. This is a way to go back to the client and tell them where the holes are in their armor and offer to … Continue reading

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Go Get Us Social Media

This is for people that don’t really know anything about social media. A lot of books I’ve read about social media don’t start with the the idea of the brand being ┬áthe hub of your social media strategy. I wanted … Continue reading

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