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About KC

I am Katarina Countiss, a multimedia designer. I like blogs, games, art and technology. I am curious about how things are made.

Screens and Scores, Corridors

As part of a monthly art happening (among other things) Klanghaus has been really fun. This month’s event was called Screens and Scores. Curated in collaboration with Victoria Perenyi, this will be an evening of film screenings and live music. … Continue reading

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Memorial Service Program Cover

The morning after my dad died, we gathered around the living room and talked about what needs to be done for the service. I designed this program cover. I drew these plumerias. Something about two of a thing, it makes … Continue reading

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Study of Sunset with Wildflowers

I went to Carrizo Plain with some dear friends April 8. We arrived at sunset. We enjoyed the the Wildflower Super Bloom 2017. Here are the results/byproducts of the continuing study.  

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Franklin Woods Community Hospital Drawings

I flew out to Tennessee to see my father in the hospital. I arrived early Monday morning. I enjoyed spending these days with my dad and his loved ones. I appreciated the nurses and other staff. I brought my markers … Continue reading

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Find the Fountain, audio explorations

  To talk about these tracks separately might have helped the curious see the explorations that I have achieved through Adobe Premiere Pro and the simple interface and mechanics of nesting and layering. Alas, I don’t take great notes and tend … Continue reading

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Two Volumes of Coloring

I was at the The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse and found a sketchbook that is the exact right size for zine pages. I created over 40 drawings for two volumes of a coloring book. I divided them into two books, … Continue reading

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Making Your Plants Meditate, a Workshop

How this came about: I was walking around in Oakland and I read a sandwich board sign with a bunch of workshop titles. I thought it said Making Your Plant Meditate. I thought that would be cool and funny. It … Continue reading

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