katarina-countiss-portraitWHAT IS KATABLOG?

When I started this blog in 2009, it was for a class I was taking at University of Washington called Basics of New Media, essentially Blogging 101.

Initially, I had to blog as part of the class assignments. The initial entries are analyses on communication and the internet. That was a class I took at my last quarter at the University of Washington. After graduating, I found myself wanting to document what I was doing with my life. I hadn’t found a job in the Communications field (I blamed it on the “death” of journalism, but perhaps I just wasn’t ready). So, I blogged about my artistic endeavors that flourished with my new found spare time. Ever since I have been blogging about the things that I have made and the things I have been learning about creativity, thought and design.

I attended Seattle Central Community College for graphic design.

My elevator pitch (a little canned, I know, but an elevator ride ain’t much time at all!):

My core skill sets are communication and web development. I’m endlessly curious and all my friends, family, and colleagues look to me for answers on art and sometimes design. As I’ve always been exceptionally passionate about creativity, I’m looking to inspire and educate others through my travels on this earth while focused on demystifying the creative process so that I can help myself and those around me live richer and more meaningful lives.

(Make your own elevator pitch here! MadLibs Engine – JSFiddle)

Recent Highlights

Jun 2013 Seattle Central Creative Academy I graduated from a graphic design program with some fun and bizarre pieces like this one.

Jun 2014 My Successful Kickstarter Campaign I raised money for my summer project of doing some great field recording with a binaural microphone.

Feb 2015 How I Became Seattle’s Premiere Kaleidescopist – Katarina Countiss | Ignite Seattle I spoke at Seattle’s Town Hall about some art I made.

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