33984659_10155618666187076_6812216098830680064_nI am Katarina Countiss. I am a multimedia artist, specializing in ASMR videos, painting/drawing, and budding into performance art.

I’m inspired by John Cage, Yoko Ono, and Pauline Oliveros. I enjoy using watercolors, improvisation, and I always carry a notebook with me.

With art and living a creative life, I’m interested in cultivating habits that expand boundaries of beauty and finding ways to encourage experimentation.


  1. Drawing
    1. #cosmicbunny
      • Inspirational drawings with flowers and saying growing out of a bunny-being
  2. Painting
    1. art of where
      • in collaboration with Art of Where, I’ve created a made-to-order retail space for reproductions on products of my watercolor paintings of petals
    2. hand painted designs
      • an instagram of explorations of watercolor and other medium through brush strokes of a certain style
  3. performance art
    1. asmr
      • I make video art in the genre of ASMR
    2. dance therapy/dance playback
      • I have an improvisational dance piece that brings groups together through the prompt: best part of your week and worst part of your week
    3. photobooth
      • Using my overhead projector and a collection of visual props, lighting design is portable, accessible, improvisational and has a certain nostalgic aeshetic
    4. The New Lullaby Shop
      • I recently picked up a ukelele and improvise one minute long lullabies/whatevers and post them to instagram– for $5, I’ll post one for you– direct message me!
  4. kat’s zine club
    • Join at my patreon website. I make zines every month and mail them to people who are in the club for $10 a month.
  5. Events
    1. Keep Begin Detach
      • I recently started an event series at a local bookstore in Oakland, E.M. Wolfman. Each month, I pick a new artist to spotlight and then arrange a couple of local artists to present pieces supporting that inspiration. I also make a zine, do participatory art, and facilitate an open mic portion for attendees to share work.
    2. Klanghaus
      • I’m a member of an art collective Klanghaus where I contribute to their monthly art events that feature emerging artists from the Bay Area in a variety of disciplines.
  6. graphic design
    • I’m a freelance graphic designer. I do branding, social media collateral, and typesetting. In the past, I have worked with small businesses: Meringotan, San Carlos Flight Center, Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe. Currently, I am accepting work for small projects.