Coming Soon: Protobotany

Dear reader,

My name is Kat Countiss and I am the Project Director of Kismet Arts Tangent, a new arts organization dedicated to experimental theater and beyond. You are receiving this for one of three reasons 1) I know you personally 2) you came to a show called Psychobotanikon 3) you came to a show called Potato Topos. Here’s our website:

I hope that you are interested in a brand new piece, showing at 2727 California St. June 3rd, called Protobotany. It promises to be more intimate, a bit wild, and quite special.

Consider purchasing a ticket and attending Protobotany.

If you’re experiencing a connect with our mission and cannot make it to this event, please hang on. We are working on developing a monthly engagement that will titillate the senses and open one’s heart with the softest of nudges.

Enjoy this promotional video of our upcoming show.

Thank you and safe journey,


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