Housing Post

House Post (updated 5/20/23)

$535/month utilities separate avg. $120

Deposit $480

We are 3 people living in a beautiful stand-alone 4 bed, 2 bath house on Filbert St in West Oakland. Seeking 1 new housemate. Move-in date: July 1st. Pro-rated rent for a possible earlier move in date as early as June 10th. 

The house:

Two-floor Victorian in West Oakland. Multiple convenience stores, 3 parks, a library, and a rec facility within a few block radius. A mile from West Oakland, 12th St., & 19th St BART. Downstairs are 2 spacious common rooms with hardwood floors & tall ceilings, a medium-sized kitchen, full bath, washer and dryer. Upstairs are 4 bedrooms and another full bath. Medium-sized backyard with space for gardening. There is space in the basement for storage. We share wireless, electric, gas, and water (average $100/mo per person, higher in the winter). Street level single car garage is separate from the house and doesn’t currently have water or electricity. There are several steps from the street to the front door, so it’s not wheelchair accessible.

The available room is on the north side of the house. It is 7′ x 10′, $535/mo, and has 1 west-facing window and small closet. Currently there is a loft that can hold a full-size bed. The deposit for this room is $480. 


K is: mid 30s, femme, cis, mixed race, artist, passionate about performance art, embroidery, and inclusive art education. Currently works as an art instructor. Likes to be tidy, organized in house matters, enjoys watching movies, creative hang outs, and swimming at the pool.

C is: late thirties, cis man, white, neurodivergent, and progressive. He is also a witch, an elder caregiver, and loves expressive arts therapy, playing guitar, and cooking. Since quarantine, he’s been getting more into astrology and D&D. Taurus Sun, Virgo Moon, Cancer Rising.

Q is: mid thirties, queer, non binary, white, musician. Works as an ABA therapist(helping kids on the spectrum build life skills). Engaged by music creation, hiking,improv, biking, video games etc. Politically anarchistic

Our house values include clear communication, safety and dignity. Our house culture is about being able to solve our problems calmly and carefully to ensure that everyone’s opinions are respected. The current house culture also includes occasional drinking or recreational drugs. 420 is fine in the house. Tobacco use is fine outside. We cook meat regularly. We are also interested in collaborating with housemates in cooking, art, music, and dance. Our COVID values have developed in response to the current pandemic. We have some important mantras and protocol, including regular testing, mask use, and hand washing.

To apply for consideration, please send a message with a blurb that includes name, contact info, pronouns, likes, dislikes, values, pertinent information, and we’ll work out a good time for the zoom interview.


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