Hey everybody it’s Dave and I just had dinner at lamon in Oakland with Kat. We decided to partake and a three-course meal consisting of muscles scallops ceviche a pork belly dish and a chicken and french fry dish. I apologize that I don’t remember the Spanish names for all these things so you will have to do a little bit of searching through the ingredients rather than just the names of the dishes if you look at the menu here. But going in order the scallops were a nice way to open things up this is one of the weird rare occasions where I think we actually ordered everything in the correct order and there weren’t every every flavor was distinct enough that it didn’t feel like you’re kind of doubling up on on similar flavors. The scallops were very zingy I would describe is how I would describe that sauce. It was they were served on the shell with a sort of the usual addressing you would expect from a ceviche and then kind of a salsa element as well with some diced onions on top all together I thought each bite of this was very refreshing I do regret that the serving size was a little bit small not necessarily a flaw of the restaurant it is kind of the the nature of this sort of dish and it just it did leave me wishing for a little bit more. But I am glad that we did not actually get more because then I would have been probably a little bit overstuffed for the course of the rest of the meal. The second dish the pork deli this was served in kind of a creepy creamy habanero sauce with a side of frize. This also had a little bit of a salsa garnish on top. It might be a little miscellating to describe this as a as a garnish because it did contribute to the texture in the flavor of the dish It wasn’t just there for the presentation. Overall I thought this was well done the need itself seemed to be a good quality with that kind of melt in your mouth texture that I always appreciate in these these higher fat cuts of meat. Flavors complimented each other and nothing seemed to kind of overpower any other element of the dish. Initially these two dishes were going to be the entirety of our meal however at the end we felt a little bit more ambitious and did decide to go for a third round. It’s final dish was was quite feeling by comparison to the others but it was the french fries and chicken dish that I mentioned. The presentation here very very refined french fry I think didn’t have that element of kind of absorbed grease that sometimes is present in a thinner cut fry like this but also I think the consistency felt like nice and solid I’m curious to see how cat feels about the qualities of the french fry specifically since we have differed on this in at points in the past. The chicken was barbecued and I thought pretty flavorful the flavor of the chicken itself seem quite prominent to me It was an entirely reliant on additional spices in seasoning although that was also present. This was topped off with some grated cheese and a mustard-based sauce of some sort and and I thought these were also a a nice accompaniment. I’m glad in particular for that sauce not super familiar with Peruvian cuisine but most of the time when I’m exposed to french fries the the expectation is you’re going to default to catch up which honestly I think is an overrated sauce and I could do without comment sentiment that has been said over and over again on this blog but I think it bears repeating I wouldn’t mind seeing something like this this mustard sauce show up in more places as an option as much as I do love a mayonnaise or an aioli with a french fry it is nice to get a little bit variety and and I thought this was quite nice given everything else served with it.

Cat here with the follow. I enjoyed the dishes I’ll start with the conch is what they said on the menu but you know it’s just a scalloping in the shell with a little vinaigrette minion minion I thought it was a yes ceviche so in some ways it is different than oysters on the shell that I have had before and that yeah like it It definitely felt like very limey and that corn was crunchy that was a surprise. But I had a good time. It is fun I’m getting served tiny little natural shell plates for this tiny little more soul of scallop. But yeah I really like that sensibility. It was also really funny watching Dave eat the seaweed garnish and then confirm with the waiter that it was a garnish and a shirt that he ate it anyways. So hilarity and sued. The pork belly that John cheetahs, was a delicious. Like Dave said. The fatty melt in your mouth texture combined with the deep fried shell was gratifying with each piece. It was kind of funny cutting it in half and getting like half meat half fat and it being a little bit of a roulette as to which one you would start and end each morsel with. I also really appreciated the sauce and how the garnish salad soaked that up and added a bit of freshness to a very rich course. Before we chose the final course we did look at the menu and we’re tempted by the desserts but honestly the plates were calling out to me specifically something with fries. Earlier in the day we had gone to lovelies and they ran out of food before we had time to get a beer and wait in line so we ended up coming to Limon. So I thought I was a bit primed to shout out some fries as the the last course. The presentation switched from being kind of like fine dining to being a bar food situation with what I described as a tacho’s presentation. I liked it. I think it’s fun after having all that delicately spaced morsels to have a set of a pile. Yeah I liked talking about how it did relate to the movie the menu in that you start out very refined with little tiny morsels and then the last dishes cheeseburger and aesthetic. The food itself let’s say that the chicken was good crispy fun well flavor not overpowered. The parmesan was a nice touch, a little rubbery but still nice. The mustard was mustardy and strong and yeah coated things in a in a nice way where you didn’t have to like have every bike covered in mustard. Yeah the fries which you know I love to review they’re one of my kind of like go to’s for the infinite variety in this wild world. Fries have such a personality here I think the fries might have been a little like underdeveloped in terms of they didn’t have a lot of flavor on them inherently and there was a part of me that thought that they might have been a little like steamed by the presentation itself. Like the top fries seem like part you know par for the course but then when you get to the bottom part of the dish it felt a little bit like you had leftover fries in the fridge. I know ouch.


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