Lake Merritt

The idea of posting a single piece of art almost seems redundant given I have an Instagram account. However, this piece was asking me to give it a special story. In March of last year I started working at a non-profit organization created to provide enriching art experiences for adults with developmental disabilities. As an art instructor I feel like I’m fairly liberal with the instruction. Sometimes I feel glad to ” model ” how to participate in the program mostly in the way of creating art in the studio. It might just be a perk. Either way, I have been making more art with different materials than I have in a very long time. I attempted and in my opinion successfully charcoaled. I used a reference photo I took on one of my many walks around Lake Merritt. I really appreciate the reflection from the building in this composition. It really had some extra dimension to the water texture. I also really appreciated printing out a picture in black and white. I feel like this makes a lot of sense if your materials are black and white that your reference photo need not have any color. I was also appreciative of making this pretty big. I’ll have to take down the measurements when I get back to the studio. I really enjoy big paper. Makes it a little hard to take home from the studio given that I use public transportation and I don’t have a folder this big. I suppose this is a question I will figure out the answer for soon enough. The other day I was teaching a lesson about portfolios and I was wondering what is the job or opportunity am I creating a portfolio for? Is there a way to conceive of my portfolio as something for me and my art journey? I have certainly been asking questions about how and what and when to archive work.


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