Coming Soon: Pluot Season

Greetings from the Producers!

We are about to embark on an artistic voyage through the obstacles of the pandemic: a multi-sensory live outdoor event we affectionately refer to as “Pluot Season” (like the fruit).  We need your financial support in making this dream a reality. 

Our Team and Process

We have handpicked six artists to work with us on creating this vision together. This performance art piece has yet to be written! We have sent the performer/collaborators an inspiration packet, filled with references to movies, plays, and images, to create a broth from which our minds will align. This broth has notes of butoh, tibetan rituals, and a dreamy poetic approach. 

The vision is that each of us will offer up our strengths and find ways to intertwine sound, movement, color, texture, word, etc. during our rigorous workshops which will happen in May. Fenner is bringing their bold directorial visioning. Kat is enthusiastic about creating one-of-a-kind costumes for the cast. Our team has skills ranging from wordsmithing, dancing, to music making, and creating unforgettable theatrical experiences.


Three rehearsal workshops in May and the performance night is Sunday, June 6, 2021.


We are seeking to raise $2,000 in addition to our own contributions. Your support will be used to purchase materials for costumes, set pieces, props, and compensate the performers and crew. If you wish to contribute, venmo directly to @Katarina-Countiss or give us a call at 206-488-4945 (Kat’s cell) for other ways to donate.

donation levels and perks:

  •  Friend ($1-$25) receives a commemorative postcard and recognition as a supporter in the printed program of the production. 
  • Lover ($25-$100): receives a commemorative postcard, recognition as a supporter in the printed program of the production, and a signed copy of the script of the production. 
  • Dynamo ($100-$500): receives a commemorative postcard, recognition as a supporter in the printed program of the production, a signed copy of the script of the production, and two tickets to the Opening Night event. For those who cannot attend this premiere, we will send a small personalized video with a scene performed just for you!

About The Producers

Fenner is primarily a Devised Theater maker, actor, and creative facilitator, also skilled in directing, music, improvisation, writing, dramaturgy, props and lighting. They are interested in guiding the unfolding of this piece and balancing the absurd with the universal.

Katarina Countiss is an interdisciplinary/multimedia artist based in Oakland, California. She has experience in theatre production, facilitating workshops, improvisation, music, directing, writing, performance, and theatre tech. 

Please join us! With your support, we’re one step closer to producing our wondrous vision!

With thanks,

Kat and Fenner

P.S. We’re hoping to secure our budget by May 15. If you have any questions, we would be happy to provide you with more information about how you can help support our work on Pluot Season.

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