Photobooth Fort

Daytime photo before take down of photobooth fort




Above is the “contact sheet” I edited the photos and curated this gallery– there was 530 photos from the event in my camera and I made an online repository, but I like this better.

The fort making process was pretty smooth. I practiced ladder safety and engaged some embroidery habits in the construction of the fort that was four shower curtains, string, and tulle.

My collaborator, Nathaniel Miller, on the fort had an eye for details and really pushed it to be better than I envisioned it. I got some feedback after the event that there was a breakdown in communication. He would have preferred in person conversation to texting and he wanted a more active role in the construction process. Some obstacles to that was I got the impression he was a bit overwhelmed with preparing the music for a separate collaboration we were doing for the same event.

I hope we work together in the future. This is the first official project we have worked on together and it was mostly positive and I think that’s encouraging.

The experience of proctoring or facilitating the photobooth at the event was mostly smooth. I perhaps needed a better sign that said come in, I have a camera and will take your picture. I had a sign that had two faces, one side said that the photobooth is in use, and the other is a self-service instruction list for when I stepped away.

I provided a link to the google drive folder with all the photos from the event on the facebook event page. It seems like there are different delivery methods for photobooths. This was less sophisticated. If you got photos at the photobooth fort and have a facebook notification for the link on the event, you could comb through the photos until you found your session. I had a form for the people without facebook accounts to provide another way for me to send them the g-drive link.

The fort was fairly easy to dissemble, like cutting a puppet off its strings (except you wouldn’t do that). I really enjoy installation art and hope to get more opportunities to create spaces like this.





event flier design by Jenny Yang

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