The Boy Who Cried Naked

I think if I wanted to (and I might add to this later) I would write a lot about working with an ensemble on a devised theatre project. The emotions of working with people, new friends and old, and the alignment of our interests and talents.

It was good timing for me personally because I had exited a collective that wasn’t feeling quite like a team and that gave me a lot to chew on about my expectations and responsibilities as a member of a group to communicate better.

Fenner who held the script and created and executed the leadership role has been a friend for a few years and it has been great to be a part of this work that really shows their strengths as an eccentric innovator of post-modern theatre.

It was interesting thinking about initially how I wanted to bring so much of what I do into the show, but a bit of that got cut. I enjoyed the feeling of having less responsibility than I usually do in productions. (I’m usually solo or in a capacity where I am making a lot of decisions about the content).

I would add more about the content of the show, but I imagine that there are a few runs in it left and I don’t want to spoil it for you!

I would do it all again. I felt very supported and we did a lot of improv in our initial devising process which is one of my old dreams. Ever since watching Whose Line is it Anyway on TV in middle school, I felt myself get pulled to the stage.

I kept thinking that past Kat, if she traveled to me working on this show, she would be like yeah “I always knew I would be this cool.”


The Boy Who Cried Naked from Kaya Mey on Vimeo.

The Boy Who Cried Naked,
An original play developed for The Above Ground Theatre Festival at Mojo Theatre in San Francisco, CA Summer 2019.

Directed by: Sabrina Wenske
Scripted & Produced by: Fenner
Devised by: Michele Owen, Annika Peabody, Kaya Mey, James Greene, Kat Countiss, Sabrina Wenke, Fenner
Puppet Master: Kaya Mey
Dramaturge & Pun Support by: Emily Haycock
Filmed & Edited by: Jason Eagle, Kaya Mey


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