Stickers and Drawn Stained Glass


Blogging my artworks have changed since I started using instagram. Back in the day, each of these would have gotten their own post. Now, it would be pretty exhausting to do that. In this post, I’ve screenshotted the instagram posts and collaged them into a single jpeg (for better or worse). So that’s a thing to do. Not great if I wanted to catalog my images into a digital reservoir at hi res using this blog, but I try not to worry about that stuff.

One of my friends said that they liked the colors from my drawings from back when I worked at the chocolate factory and used left over label paper to draw on. I contacted one of my old coworkers who graciously gave me some overstock and I’m back to sticker drawings.

The color quality is a little different than regular paper because the surface of the label paper is slightly waxy with some variance. I enjoy making shapes into smaller shapes because they are easier/more fun to color in with different colors. If you’re ever stuck on a piece, maybe it’s because of not enough colors, haha!

In this style, I’ve designed (among other items) a fun hat that I got made and I love it. If you want, you could also have it (buy link).



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