Rainbow Valley aka Eryth

kat-iphone 696
kat-iphone 426
black and white

This piece is called Eryth. I love its dreamy quality. It feels like rainbows, valleys, stars and suns, and shooting stars and mysterious waves.

I worked on this canvas on my birthday and invited some friends at the party to paint on it and then I finished it by myself later. It felt cool having some one else put some paint on the canvas. I should have gotten pictures. I like that collaborative feeling even if it’s really guided. I will look at the purple and blue clouds in this piece and remember that I totally have friends and they are cool and they mean a lot to me. Oh that sounds sappy, but it’s true. Friendship is magic.

This canvas was the biggest one I’ve done in this style. Throw back to these paintings that I did almost three years ago that I put in a group show at a cafe in SF. I still can’t believe I wanted to charge that much. I probably just didn’t want to sell them. Now I am really happy when the work I do gets out into people’s houses to make them happy. Looking back on it, I should have made it a really good deal because I still have these pieces and they are a pain to keep nice because they are just on paper.

Canvas really is a good investment. Hangs good and people are attracted to it differently. They can see how durable it is and how important I must think the work is. Maybe.



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