Jon Axtell of the DIY Venue DIRT offered me a show in his gallery space. The show was installed just this last week. I was so happy to see my pieces hang together like this.

The opening ceremony consisted of Andrew Rose, Zoe Donnellycolt, and Hannah Ayasse (of Psychobotany at Planthaus fame). A similar approach as Psychobotany, (performative authentic movement) except prerecorded music this time.

I do wish I knew a good musician/audio collaborator. I felt a little stretched thin being director. I definitely allowed myself to do the best I can and not stress out too much that the reception room was still playing its background music when the show in the gallery started.

I sold pieces to friends and I really liked that. I brought some blue orchids. I loved that feeling of hosting the evening. I also wrote a lovely artist statement that I really like because it’s not so pretentious but more practical. What inspired me? What materials did I use? What do I see for the future?

I really liked the hanging technique for the paper: binder clips and neon string attached to hanging hooks. Very accessible. No glass or framing. Relatively inexpensive.

I’ve been promoting this show as my first visual solo show. I had some pieces in a bookstore in Seattle and I should really count that, but that opening night there was a book artist there, too so it wasn’t like a solo solo show opening. Anyways, big milestone. I’ll put more pics here when I have time to upload them from my camera.

I loved working with these dancers (as usual). They were so happy to wear the petalled clothing I had for sale. I highly recommend them as a way to shoo out the boogies in the space and bless the works.

Photo Credit to Zoe Donnellycolt (pictured)

I love working with my overhead projector. Such magical light. The fabric the dancers used was also very successful. I will do more with that.

I felt very prepared. I had commemorative fridge magnets and flyers for my next show available at the door. We got donations that made it very worth it for the dancers. It felt so satisfying being able to offer them some monetary value. In the past I haven’t been able to set prices or control the door money. This was nice.

I highly recommend this venue and Jon Axtell’s management of the gallery show process. His encouragement really inspired me to do well in a low stress way.

hanging WIP photo

Also I am happy that a nice person bought my boyshorts!


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