Color Composition Therapist


Laura Cohen asked me to participate in an absurdist symposium called Group Therapy. I was assigned a time and a room.

In the past, I’ve done these photobooths with the overhead projector. Some people have interacted with that and interacted a similar way at this event. I specifically took a less active role in the composing of the projected image.

It felt good to step back and admire the way that people approached the visual props. It did feel awkward having an intention but then feeling like there was not a right time to announce that I was offering postcards of these images they were creating if they opted for that. I think next time, some signage or a written script would help the public interacting with the set-up a possible guided goal involving a souvenir.

I did enjoy seeing someone put their own hair into the composition.

As someone who has had a long time interest in art as therapy, being in this performance art setting was a real treat.


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