Zug Island

Klanghaus event, Forever Seminar was a hit. The art collective I’m in, Klanghaus, had a retreat to Detroit (that I couldn’t attend due to financial reasons), created a show collectively and polished it up for a reprise in Oakland at Teddy’s house.

I enjoyed collaborating with Ben Unger on a rave room using blacklight! I also installed some fiber optic barettes that seemed to play well on the Robocop inspiration. It was a collaborative effort with Teddy Hulsker, host and director.

I want to seize more installation art opportunities. I am curious about that feeling of immersion, which is why I like theatre so much. It’s all around you and it’s not normal.

I also took a lot of pride in making this “ONLY ZUG” banner. I was grateful for being able to have some say in what it said– some of the slogans were very long and wouldn’t have the same impact.


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