I curated my first Klanghaus event (with a lot of help from the team). Teddy Hulsker, program director of Klanghaus saw my psychobotany show at SF Fringe last year and has been wanting to present it at a Klanghaus event.

It was a joy to have some of my favorite artists contributing work to Planthaus and it was lovely having some new faces on board! A crowd favorite was Plant Portraits by Anjelica Colliard.


I also enjoyed the musical plant meditations (I helped with the vocal framing of it) of Michael Dooley who live-looped violin and a jar of water connected to a contact mike which happened in a Living Room Fort made of fabric and PVC pipes for support. It was a headphoned experience shared by 4 audience members at a time. Very special intimate mini-show that recurred 4 times the hour it was scheduled.

It was a lot of logistics and communication to coordinate that much plant-related art in one place, but with the help of the Klanghaus team, a lovely evening was produced and I’m relieved that it went so well.



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