Jam with Dooley and Real

Michael Dooley who has performed at two events that I’ve helped produced was very generous and hosted a jam with me and Sean Real.

I haven’t had a lot of free improvisation jam sessions. This one was so lovely, I already miss it. There’s a lot of sweet comradery that comes with improv. We were very accepting. We listened and flowed with each other for over an hour. Me on my Bb clarinet, Dooley on his violin, and Sean on their Banjo (with an electronic bow at times!).

It was lovely:: sometimes it felt like an epic movie soundtrack and other times it felt like a porch hangout with one of those jug bands. I would totally do this again and recommend it for all musicians that like to improvise.

I have a nice clarinet– I started playing the clarinet in 6th grade. It feels like a part of me, my past, an extension of my body. It was so cool to feel like there was a reason carry it with me, just waiting for its moments. I wish I was in a band. I wanna go on tour. Sigh. I want so many things in so many directions.



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