PetalPetal handpainted commissions

One of my favorite collaborators mailed  me two shirts for me to petal. I got this set of dyes from Flax arts store. And it’s been really special seeing different shades of colors creating depth and variety to the blooms.

I use a 7 inch plastic hoop to hold the fabric while I paint. A shirt takes about 4 solid hours to petal. Each petal needs a dip from the paint well. And about 90 petals fit each hoop. Unscrewing and rescrewing the hoop is tiresome. I wonder how other fabric handpainters keep their fabric taut.

It’s weird pricing these because I want them to be affordable, but they are also a bit tedious and a lot of handwork. It felt good because the commission was from someone I admire and whose audience are people that will appreciate this detail, but to work on something for four hours and then give it to a stranger. I will be


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