Keep Begin Detach 2: yoko ono


The first hour of keep begin detach 2: yoko ono, before it cuts out… I should have put my phone into a charger before starting the live facebook event stream.

Anyways, super successful event. One of the attendees brought friends and family to celebrate art and his birthday as he read poems (audio recording to come).

I did a voice therapy piece. It is a great piece to start an event with because you get a little feeling of who is in the room, what kinds of experiences they’ve been having lately. More than one person listed therapy as either the best part of their week or the worst. There were a lot of people, so it’s interesting how the piece expands with the audience.

I anticipated a small turn out like the first keep begin detach and so I only printed 15 zines. It was an awkward moment to run out of zines: never again.

Also this keep begin detach had a lot more participation. I ran some activity through my zines which was a workbook inspired by Yoko Ono’s instruction poetry found in books: Grapefruit and Acorn  

I was very surprised at the turnout and it was really interesting feeling a little overtaken by all the new faces. It was weird not knowing how interested or forced they felt to do the exercises. Overall, it was great to feel like I challenged some people into writing some instruction pieces through my timed prompts. Some shared afterwards, some did not.

Cassidy Barnes played I’m a Witch cover, and Fenner recited some japanese songs and did some japanese dance.

Here’s the zine for the show fluxuszine2 I hope to one day make a fluxus box and mass produce it and sell it. A fluxus box is full of instructions and props that go with the instructions for art-amusements!



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