Rose and Kavak’s Curiosity Shop

Klanghaus had an event called Fleahaus. It was an opportunity for my first pop-up shop. My collaborator Andrew Rose and I took over a table and put up signs and I laid out a tapestry and then these placemats. Andrew sold his ceramics.

The fortune mobile made its debut and was a very popular item. Made out of embroidery thready, beads, wire, and a sticks. They also had words I made out of printable shrinky dinks.

I also had an item called Poem on the Spot. It was a dollar. It was pretty funny because the concept is that the customer pays for the poem and then I point across the room and describe the person who has their poem. It was interesting because I’ve never done that before. I heard some people had really nice experiences getting their poem. One customer gave me this look after I told him where to get his poem and he said he felt ripped off. It was something I’ve been expecting cuz yeah the expectation is that I do the poem lol. And I think I would be good at it too but anyways, I cited that I was inspired by artists working with concept/performance art/reframing of art (Yoko Ono, Pauline Oliveros, and Laurie Anderson were the three whose art I’ve been reading about in books). One of my art sayings is that art can be whatever you put a frame around. He said the explanation was worth a dollar and I really liked that. He wasn’t an ordinary rando. We had done a neo-futurist workshop together and he was in the troop now, so it felt really cool– someone actively creating performance art, said that it made sense. To appease him a bit more, I offered him a free pun sticker.

My punstuck stickers were a hit! I brought them out after not really doing anything with them for over three years. I loved watching people go through them and get a real kick out of them. It was very validating.

Tabling with Andrew was great! He had amazing stories about his ceramics and I would love to do it again sometime.




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