Keep Begin Detach


From the top clockwise: Michael Dooley played an electroacoustic live looping piece, Andrew Rose (read a poem I wrote) and myself on scatch, I had to include a still from the Rugrats Movie clip I started the show with (apparently Laurie Anderson is a voice for one of the babies. I couldn’t figure which tho.); Me doing voice therapy, moe and Cassidy Barnes doing a cover of Langauge is a Virus, everyone in the bookstore clapping along to Stevie’s Octopus Dance with Michael Johnson doing the sweet beats.

Here’s the playlist of the videos I played during the event.

Notable moments: I played  a Tom Nunn Skatchbox–invented instrument– for the first time in public. I did my first duet cover with Cassidy Barnes. Debuted a new piece based off of Dance Therapy called Voice Therapy. I gave out some words to the attendees. The Fortune Bag: It’s — I have all of these shrinky dink words that I printed out and put in a bag. It’s like word tarot where I have them put intention into the draw and then I pull out three words and give them the words and try not to analyze what it might mean for them. And all the other moments were neat, too.

an example of the The Fortune Bag’s words. They can be made into jewelry. I like making them into mobiles.

(video below)

zine made for the event: contains quotes from Laurie Anderson’s heroes, excerpts from texts she’s inspired by, some reviews of her work and a poem by me inspired by her Duets on Ice!
Screen Dress
Laurie Anderson had a piece where she projected onto a big white dress. I got me one of those and threw some light on it! It started a mini photoshoot with the attendees– so FUN
for posterity

I’m excited for the next event, inspired by Yoko Ono!


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