Kat’s Zine Club Party No.2


So I have a zine club. And I like to throw the occasional reading party at my favorite bookstore, EM Wolfman. I livestreamed the event on Facebook. I brought my overhead projector and some doilies and gels. Jaron Smith, Romy Marlboro and Andrew Gabriel Rose read poems and Cassidy Barnes played a couple of songs.

I read a poem, did a dance therapy/playback with the live audience’s input, did a tutorial on how to draw a flower, and explained how my petal stoner tarot relates to an attachment theory. There was some exuberant heckling by the one audience member who wasn’t a performer, so in a way everyone who was there was an active participant. Pretty cool.

At the end of the party, there was a zine giveaway and chocolate! Yum and Yum.


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