Sound Safari D

I enjoyed the Sound Safaris so much that I decided I want to keep going. Whenever I find a sound that is intriguing, I send a message to my collaborator. Later, I assemble the sounds and blindly layer them.

Sound Safari (2017)
is a sound collage format
using found and personally recorded sounds

Birdsong with memory of a broken engine (0237)
Cat talk (0238)
Deaf cat is so excited every day when she realises her human is home (0239)
Husky puppy sounds like Chewbacca (0241)
A washing machine on a trampoline (0242)
Man slapping lap (0244)
Whalesong (0248)
Samoan Firefighters worship the lord while marching (0251)
Cat squeaks (0252)
Very talkative kitty! (0253)
All Planet Sounds (and Pluto) from Space (0254)
The sound of two black holes colliding (0255)


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