Sound Safari A, B and, C

I played these videos with a verbal introduction of the samples at 3x, which is a performance series put on by New Life, curated by Jacob Kahn.

In each of these tracks, each sample is played once in the five minutes with the corresponding assigned numeral on the display.

cat snoring, tabby, fat, eyes half open (0181)
puppy yapping (0182)
pug with a bone in its mouth (0183)
toy poodle mawing? (0184)
terrier mawing (0185)
pitbull bark talking (0186)
compilation of this video “these dogs make the weirdest sounds (0187)
this baby has the best laugh ever (0188)
the sound of someone missing you terribly (it’s a cat) (0189)
howl of baby beagle (0191)
an angry bunny growling for attention after being pet (0192)
two lynx on a road in Maine (0193)

dog sneezing and guy laughing (0194)
bird uses tools to tap out rhythm (0195)
toddler laughing while ostrich eats food out of a cup (0196)
what baby rhinos sound like when they want more food (0197)
crickets chirping slowed down and pitched up (0199)
baby sloths (0200)
radio emissions (0201)
jupiter’s electromagnetic voices (0203)
April 9 1860 the first recorded sound: someone singing the words Au Clair de Lune, Pierrot repondit (0204)
little red foxes barking (0205)
cat noises– purrs and nya nyas (0208)
ring modulator/warmer (0210)
my dad and his wife sleeping in a hospital (0210)

the deepest meow in the world (0211)
kulning– ancient swedish herding call (0212)
dachshund reunited with a favorite piggy toy he hasn’t seen in 5 years (0214)
this dog has the most ferocious bark (0215)
puppy sings itself to sleep (0216)
otters playing free jazz on a casio keyboard (0220)
lynx purr (0221)
when a baby carcacal is hungry it screams for food (0222)
a playful arctic fox laughs when its human laughs (0223)
disco the parakeet, a very verbal budgie (0224)
knock at the center of the universe (tulsa) (0225)
britain’s new plastic polymer currency unexpectedly works as a needle for vinyl records (0226)
dawn chorus on reefs, fish (0227)
Sea Organ in Croatia (0229)
night sounds in boulder creek mountains (0231)


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