a photo from a play called A Public Toilet on Gogol Blvd, Part 1: A Gay Fantasia, from Playhaus, presented by art collective Klanghaus.

My housemate and talented artist, Em Lee Reaves put on a site-specific play in Z SPACE‘s bathroom. I’m the one on the left in the balaclava. I had a great time working with local queer actors on this piece. I hadn’t been in a public play in a while. I usually do improv, so it was interesting having a script to mangle. I did pretty good, but it wasn’t perfect. I may have swallowed some last syllables of words, my first time reciting lines with something over my face. Thank goodness for the cue cards that were later written into the play. I thought I could handle memorizing big paragraphs about queer oppression in Russia, but it’s harder than it looks to get the sentences out in the right order.

screenshot of the program pdf (hey bonus, I also graphic designed the program!)

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