Kat’s Zine Club Party No. 1

(clockwise from top left corner) artdestructionart, cassidy plays a song, dance playback, me talking about the show, plant meditation (live music), and how to draw a cosmic bunny


I haven’t read from my zines before. After starting the zine club, it was suggested by a friend to do a reading. My zines have more than just writing: drawings, performance art descriptions, a zine was dedicated to my Plant Meditation workshop, etc. so I decided to throw a party at my favorite bookstore, E.M. WOLFMAN.

We adhered pretty closely to the schedule and I live-streamed/posted-the-video-after the event on facebook. It was an intimate show with only three people in the audience, two of which are my sweeties that had lunch with me beforehand and helped me set up and take down the event.

This was a fun event and I will probably do another one in 3-4 months.


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