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Katarina is creating zines | Patreon


I had some feelings of emptiness of selling my zines to bookstores because I didn’t know who was reading them. I love supporting local bookstores, but also I think that getting art mail (doing art mail) is fun, so I decided to revamp my patreon page. $10 a month to join and receive monthly zines.

There’s a lot of pluses to having a subscription-based model. I felt like people say that they are interested but putting money into it is something else. I’m grateful for the gesture and the actual money is kind of a big deal. So many artists are generous and that’s tricky because I think that artists as a collective identity need to be cognizant of the message of free art. It just doesn’t work in this Late Capitalist society (yuck).

Also this webpage is confusing. At first glance, it looks like it costs $81 to join. Just saying patreon designers, if you’re reading this lols.


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