Recent Open Mics

Happy Place

I wrote this after a bad morning trying to submit old paper work for food stamps in person. My ticket number was A003. My paystubs were a month too old and I have terrible luck with remembering passwords, so it’s not an easy feat to get them. UGh. Then my phone decided to not work. I wrote a poem about my hell-logicked life, then I wrote this poem and it made it all feel not so bad. The poem ends with wherever the audience and performer are.

Partial Eclipse

For all the glory of this cosmological phenom, I was at work in cloudy San Francisco, where we had an informal viewing party. I lost my phone so I had nothing else to do but glance at it and enjoy the company of my fellow coworkers. Same day, I performed this piece at the Octopus. I’ve never been so topical in my performances. One time performance!

Sound Poem

I was reading this beautiful book, Performance Art and was inspired by Free Music (a solo project that played at my house). I brought my toy glockenspiel.

Dance Therapy

I’ve workshopped this piece before for a 10-minute slot. Trying to do it in five was a fun challenge. The one about the Armory was really funny. When I asked that audience member and she said that the best part of her week was two parties at the SF Armory, I was inspired, lol. Read this post for more about that.




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