My Art Life Lately

SKAST (some kind of art show thing) 2


I recently was part of a pop-up where I sold some stickers. I had some zines and a few paintings on display as well. I enjoyed meeting the fellow artists in the show and seeing their work. The opening reception had music and hot dogs. The show was hosted by one of my housemates. I haven’t been in a visual art show in over a year. It was nice to have it in my home.

Sometimes peeps at art shows want to buy something and pick it up at the end of the night so I bought old folders at The East Bay Depot for Creative ReuseΒ and labelled them with the name of the purchaser and put them aside. I enjoy using Pro Black Masking Tape and Presto! Jumbo Correction Pen for signage and labeling. I recommend.


The stickers, I got the substrate (Substrate | Definition) from my work– I work at a chocolate factory. There’s a glitch in the label printing process where there’s extra label paper all the time. I enjoy the label paper having a new life as a sweet sticker. They are easier to draw on than traditional stickers but they do accumulate dirt more like paper and less like glossy stickers.




About KC

I am Katarina Countiss, a multimedia designer. I like blogs, games, art and technology. I am curious about how things are made.
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