Making Your Plants Meditate and Other Selected Works Zine

Bad photo alert

I made a 8-pieces of paper folded in half zine. That’s 32 pages if you include the cover. I was inspired by my coworker at the chocolate factory. She’s a zine-maker.

I handwrote poems and recent performance works and a description for a workshop that I am going to run called “Making Your Plants Meditate.”I also included collages I made using an old Life Magazine (classic weird stuff in those, always).

It was a new process working with the photocopiers at FedEx. I liked the feeling tho. Considering that I have two years of formal graphic design training, it was great not using any of those computer programs to create the zine.

It was liberating when I decided that my new zine should just be called “Selected Works.” I am working on a variety of things and couldn’t figure out how to consolidate a theme. Some stuff in there: John Cage’s Ten Rules, A collage that says “A Demon Dog Made You Do It”, poem called “Moon Valentine” and more!


It’s for sale at EM Wolfman for $5.


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