Dance Therapy #3


This week’s Dance Therapy (last Sunday)

I asked everyone (small session, only 5 people) the best parts and worst parts of their weeks, jotting a few words for each on a receipt roll and then ripped it up and scattered the moments, folded on the floor, announcing each as I picked up the scraps and read them, putting some in my pocket and throwing others back on the floor and doing a little movement for each until all were in my pocket. For those familiar with improv, this idea was inspired by the game Blind Line, where the audience suggests lines and then they are strewn about the stage and randomly interjected.

Feedback, the audience remarked on the unpredictability, would it be a good or bad one? and the phrasing, some movements were literal, abstract, etc.

After the session, one of the field members suggested to me that I try a summarizing sequence where I put all the moves (I can remember) into a dance at the end. I think I’ll try that.


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