The Field, Dance Therapy


I’m doing another cohort of the Field (read: workshop where we perform and get feedback from each other). This time at Luna Dance Institute in Berkeley! Some of the group has changed. Some has stayed the same. It was great watching the others, some familiar pieces, some not.

For this run, I am working on a piece called “Dance Therapy.” In this group of seven, I asked everyone the worst thing that happened this week and the best thing that happened this week. I took notes on on a receipt roll and then laid it out on the ground and performed a gesture/dance movement for each thing.

Feedback: a couple of people thought it was too fast, one person thought it would be nice to know when it was their thing they contributed, one person said it was very literal, all of them expressed a gratitude for the experience, going through their week and selecting a moment, and also hearing from the group, it made the group feel closer to each other.


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