Episode 4: The Label of Artist

still from “trailer” (Left), still from Episode 4 (right)

Short form: I did a short live video where I am letting my facebook followers know that I am going to do a live video later on the escalator at Millbrae BART station (LEFT). I did a freestyle monologue about the idea of calling myself an “artist” (RIGHT) while destroying this work (BELOW). I went to each audience member and held a flashlight to the piece, let them hold it, and asked them about what they thought of the piece. I spoke some of their words as I ripped it and deposited the shards into a plastic cup filled with water.

“Transparent Edge of Peace”

Feedback freeform

walking through the audience, as if you’re talking to yourself, what does the audience see? meta awareness of levels, inclusion of words, felt included, what is art? humility and questions ~~ the dark and the wider staging, resonated ~~ stool, flashlight, facebook, sense of intimacy– performer or just me– and mystery~~ walking through audience, my heart was touched more, got to see and touch the art, more personal, naming colors, wondering about the video, felt satisfied by the light out, what is beauty, what is work, learning the big themes behind what is art, ~~ ephemeral, nothing is recognizable, a screen world hidden, witnessing you’re someone being an artist, you made something of the process, miniatur-ism creates a sense of theatricality.

Comments on the Facebook Video (Anonymized)

~At first, it was really painful to watch you tearing up your art. Now, I’m kinda into it. I like how you blow open expectations of what art is or isn’t supposed to be.
~Wut in tarnation
~Very cool Video!



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