Free Write: Lost and Found

On Sept 8, part of the Dancing with the So Called Dead festival, I went to a workshop put on by ::: curious ::: at CIIS. The freewrites (2) were about 5 minutes each. One was inspired by the word “lost” and one “found.” The facilitators had us underline the phrases that stood out to us as inspirational or interesting and we spoke aloud these phrases at will in a kind of group sharing poetry recital. (separate, lost phrases and found phrases were not mixed).

From my notebook:

LOST a notebook lost in the back of an uber by a Finnish travler, a freelance lefthanded writer who writes about cities the mission district, muralled Clarion Alley. He will fill out his name and address at the front of his notebook in front of the store by the enamel pins and Dwell magazines.

We are at Faye’s coffee where illustrations grace the walls and decorate the free coffee stamp cards that are filled out using the honor system and then put back in a drawer not unlike the dewey decimal card systems of old.

I lost a notebook or a few. Lost or very well placed for premature archival. Will they visit me again?

FOUND I found a dollar on the ground while waiting for Cassidy to fix his bike. I later bought a Peach mate tea with my debit card. I still have the dollar in my coin purse. It wasn’t dirty or anything but it’s just a dollar.

I pay San Francisco rent so finding a dollar is almost like not finding a dollar. I find that humorous.

I find lots of things humorous, like the mirror on the sidewalk that was cracked. I took a photo and put it on instagram and captioned it with a music video and an emoji.

I would go on to instagram the mirror a few more times as it scattered.



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