Ep 2 and 3 of #artdestructionart

The Field (workshop/community series) hosted by SAFEhouse Arts – 1 Grove St

The Teaser Test

My first live facebook video. I have tried using live video streaming in the past but I didn’t know about creating personal hotspots on my iphone. I think that helped. I was motivated to do one by my new project #artdestructionart. I was talking a bit about social media in my first episode of this project that I thought it would be more connected (in more ways than one) to try out Facebook’s Live feature. I tested out the liveness by doing a teaser where I said I would be doing another live video later and showed some of my materials (thick sharpie and notecards).

Stills from live facebook vid

The Field and Episode 2

Inspired by the feedback from the last episode, I talked about Seasons of the Artist. I made note cards and ripped up a drawing called “Rainbow practice” made on May 4.

Feedback from The Field workshop goers (in note-took form)

live facebook video
what does Live art mean?
What is Live art

Seasons of the Artist
      rainbow bright colors

sadness about the art torn up
       Thank you for joining me in this


Sense of being Live for two audiences
online Live ness

“Season of the Artist” kept me curious
unique framing of the cycle of creating art
implying a natural process
“Down to Earth”
the artist “vulnerable”
details were overwhelming
the pacing did not leave pause for pondering


“a dollar tree frame encased in glass”
how do we want to keep things
juxtaposition of exquisite and mundane

saying goodbye to facebook brings teh awareness of the second audiencce

more context to the moment of creating the work at the dime of destroying

shift of focus between work audience and audence 2
what might happen?
laughing or sobbing


What did I miss?
As a person who wasn’t here.
When does the performance begin?

Bordered on funny
playfulness vs. serious


gist of it: material is emotional distance
vocal tone was consistent

Facebook / split audience
     crates distance

ripping up low affect
    not reading an effect

sense of conversational
   life and views

Stills from ep 2, #artdestructionart, Seasons of the Artist

For Next Time

As written in my notebook after the performance:

  • write text backward
  • create poetry as an epigraph?
  • create trailer?
  • what content?
  • describe context of creation
  • clear vase to drop “shards” in?
  • connect emotionally?
  • how to draw it out?
  • title “Birth and Death”?
  • get/make lil card holder?
  • create parts with corresponding cards so those tuning in later can tune in
  • merch? sell some tees?
  • have the thing I’m going to destroy next week to show at the end of time?

The Teaser, About to Ride the BART

I thought it was a fun time of being interrupted by the announcer in Oakland. I like these teasers because it’s good I think to warn peeps in advance when a “live art” thing is about to happen.

Stills from Teaser for ep 3

Ep 3, The Ritual

I lit a candle, wore a white shirt. I wrote the title/hashtag backwards so it would read proper on  my frontward facing camera. I also wrote the name of the piece backwards “rising ocho” is what it read because I’m not good at proofreading backwards (original title, “rising echo”) but I went with it.

I  had an audience member hold the piece while I talked about it. I asked for and wrote down words on folded notecards, asking for alternative titles to the piece: bubbles, ripple, undersea, blood cells, stitching, and I also wrote #artdestructionart. Then, I asked for audience participation: circle me and whatever word of the folded notecard is facing you, read that word.

I tore the piece, played to the camera and then burned some “shards” while the others chanted and circled around me and the table.

For Next Time

  • organize table with painter’s tape so that we can have more words at once
  • what do I  have to say about a piece on its deathbed? Celebration? defeat? context of creation?
  • Narrate freeflow style, flow of consciousness?


dizziness from walking around, different vocalizations, loss of creativity, loss of innocence, capitalism/what has value, the creative act of coming up with names before the destruction of the art

layered experimental, burning smell, process of making the piece, artistic impulse, “art destruction art” became more art

the group activity aspect was satisfying, periods of time to stop circling and observe, made me think of Burning Man, center of atom, harmonious sound score, burning, ritual dedication, sacred, purpose, feeding the ethers and the mystery.

I was jealous of the phone. I want to know what you’re saying. You’re making something for others. Art vs Process. Who are these experiences for. Instructional feeling like a cooking show, but felt personal. not here’s the process, but here’s a process. Felt Personal.

having witnessed vs being participant, blurring the lines of audience and participant, feelings of time cycle, season, ritual, facebook and a sense of time.


Stills from Ep 3



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