ASMR on the Brain, a podcast appearance

Above some video documentation of ASMR demo for podcast (NO AUDIO on this video) listen to the podcast for the juicy sounds.

I met someone who was talking about their podcast on social media. I contacted him about doing a piece on ASMR and we did it. It was pretty casual and a lot of fun.

Matt and Joshua are joined by ASMaRtist Katarina Countiss to delve into the interesting world of ASMR. Kat demonstrates some of her ASMR techniques and the trio talk about weird sounds, audio recording, live performing (another passion of Kat’s), and Mark Zuckerberg. Things actually go kinda well.Check out Katarina Countiss on YouTubeOr maybe check out her website!

Source: 024 – ASMR On The Brain — MEAT CUTE




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