Gallery of New Work, Glimmering Apparitions

I’ve been painting a lot. I discovered that I could use paper, so a good portion of this gallery is stuff on paper, cheap and portable substrate. I am enjoying the exploration of this technique. A lot of good feedback, definitely reminding the viewer of Van Gogh. Post-impressionism has very few well known heroes. I love Van Gogh. I think it was the first print I ever bought with my own money (Starry Night). And I love that he painted it 100 years before I was born. (Me: May 1989, Starry Night: June 1889). I’m very drawn to swirly skies, God’s expressive abstract.

I’ve been naming the paintings using an Abstract Title Generator, but I don’t pick the first one. My work lately has been happy and serene and there’s some dark stuff on there. (The Abstract Art Titlegenerator)

I want to get around to naming the different patterns in the paintings and create a card system to generate new designs. Rainbow coloring is so attractive to me, but what other color palettes should I be exploring? The feathery texture of going against the grain, the threadly pattern of following the stitches… Flowers, stars and oil slicks seem to lend themselves well to the sprinkly underpattern, but what else can be seen? Someone said that there’s a face in “Manoa at Night”. Maybe you can find it?


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