Satchmo, Grove, and Chocolate

July has been a month of travelling and shifting for me. August will be a weird one too. Going to Seattle and Wisconsin for my sister’s wedding festivities.

A Portrait of West Oakland

I got a new job working at a chocolate factory thanks to a fellow auditioner for the sf neofuturists. Right on time, too. My deadline for moving out of Redwood City came upon me. I stayed in Oakland for a week with Cassidy and then when I needed it, I met a woman at her domicile and now we’re living together in Oakland. We nicknamed the domicile/studio Satchmo. She’s a creative person, too.

First Session at SAFEhouse (1 Grove)
Chocolate 201 class… mmmmmm….

Satchmo is magical, from the rainbow-star room (discoball and crystals reflect sunlight in the afternoon) to the sound room (a padded room just for recording audio!).

I also signed up for a residency program at SAFEhouse for the Arts in San Francisco. I have a show coming up in exactly 2 months! I’m nervous but excited. It’s something ASMR-based.


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