Cosmic Bunnies Continue

I’m starting to play with the border edge in these pieces for the #cosmicbunny series. I use brown, black, green, purple, and blue to create a dark base. Use the magic pen to create a texture and a figure with props (bunny with boom boom is common). Then, like filling out a multiple choice test, I fill in the ovals that are like imperfect rice grains swirling around in a two dimensional world, employing a variety of approaches. I like the starry night feel of the swirls and I am wondering what other shapes I can make with the impressionistic technique.

Wham-O Wham O Magic Pens Amazing Color Changing Pens
Milan Bicolor Marker Set – Conic Tip – FLAX art & design
Canson XL Pads – BLICK art materials


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