Whirls Process

Title of piece: “Uplifting Impression of Mind-Bending Resignation” Turns out there’s an Abstract Art Title Generator. http://noemata.net/pa/titlegen/


I’m still working with the magic pens, discovering new effects. I’m intrigued by the layers. Recently, I’ve worked with the “confetti effect” and I thought about how to organize the coloring of the little rice-sized marks. Creating a coast and then following it with different colors is one way. Random is always an option. I like it when there are little pools or clusters of color (seen in this piece on the right bottom, that form interesting shapes. Using bright colors in the background and foreground flattens the work. In other pieces (like the one below), I’ve used duller/darker colors in the first layer and then brighter specks in the second layer, creating what I consider to be a glistening water surface effect.

“Hard-Boiled Wonderland”

8 ct Extreme Markers – Crayola
Wham-O Wham O Magic Pens Amazing Color Changing Pens
Milan Bicolor Marker Set – Conic Tip – FLAX art & design
Canson XL Pads – BLICK art materials


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