Cosmic Bunny Series, the Beginning

1. “Strawberry and Carrot” 2. “Spellbun” 3. “Boomface” 4. “Boomfang”

I was scoping Pinterest for inspiration to finish these backgrounds made with  my magic pens and I saw this cosmic bunny: художник Нита Кравец – Освежиться. Fusing that character with Tuzki, I came up with this. As you can tell with these four iterations, that I’m still working out the specific details, but I really like the androgynous look of these bunnies and I like the low crotch, hiving the bun a bit of a dress/tunic feel on the torso. It’s fun putting the bunny into different environments and have different props (mushrooms). I like the idea of a world with just bunnies and the kinds of roles they can be endowed with. More architecture, too. It’s fun seeing the role of the mushroom change from scene to scene: a snack that brings connection, a wand to cast a spell, a find among rotten stems, an offering from a housemate?

I’m working on a bunch of these to sell at a fundraiser at the end of the week. The drawings are 8×10 on 11×15(inch) smooth textured watercolor paper.

Crayola Paint Brush Pens : Target
Crayola 20 Ct Washable Super Tip Markers
Wham-O Wham O Magic Pens Amazing Color Changing Pens
Blick Studio Watercolor Tape-bound Pad


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