Family Collage

fullmoonflyers 011.JPG

In an exercise in getting to know someone and sharing information about myself, we created collages that represented family. The one above is the one that I did. I’ve been a little distant with my family, thus, the still waters, house of faces in the top lefthand corner. The butterflies for my oldest sister, Jenny. When I stayed with her briefly in 2003(?), she was working on a butterfly piece, but also, she’s just a bit on the fringe. My sister Natalie is a smart social dolphin personality. I am represented as the figure covered in flowers hiding in a jungle with a reflective little star following me– my muse, I imagine. To right, a rocky pink craig cut into the sape of a four-leaf clover, representing my new love interest as well as two cards representing a pillar of my life and love, someone who has been supportive and driven, with courage as well, going into a spiral cut out of a skyscraper and meadow with pink abstract birds swirling around it, representing my energetic optimism.


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