Floating Doodle

Process photo “The Secret of the Foxes”
Process photo. I’m gonna mix paints differently next time.


I was trying out a collection of brushes I recently purchased as a Christmas present to myself. I’ve done these noodly doodles before. Start out with one kind of petal-y shape and then add to it until comfortable. I don’t know how I feel about that striped paneling on some of the petals, but all good practice. I tried to add a little glittery flower on the white hill, but the nail polish I was using is not opaque enough. And it contaminated the vial with wet acrylic paint; a move that was creative, but not responsible.

The color scheme bothers me. I was painting with a friend of mine and he used green and a fleshy pink that he mixed carefully with a popsicle stick. I might go that route next time. It’s been a while since I had a palette that I didn’t improvise as I went along.


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