Donation Form Template for InDesign

The email button disappears for print!
The email button disappears for print!

Today, I was looking for a form template that I could use to generate a donation form. I really dislike most forms because my handwriting isn’t 10pt font. This is a form optimized for accessibility: say hello to your over-50 (years old) potential donors!

There’s an “email this form” button. Go into the Windows>Interactive panel to change the email address from mine to the one you’ll use.

I wish InDesign would have a format type more specific than “text field”. I might have to go back and add more formatting to the text fields to echo formats such as date, credit card numbers, etc.

Download at this link:–QqUpRTl4R2llZ0hTdEU/view?usp=sharing

file under downloadable .indd file for interactive forms exported to pdf


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