JsFiddle Library

I kept getting distracted and couldn’t find the code that I used before underneath all of the website. So, here’s a library of jsfiddle code that I’ve been working on/with so if you need it to do that thing, here’s a starting block.

MadLibs Engine – JSFiddle I used this to help create my vision statement. Sometimes thinking in complete sentences about lofty things is hard. Breaking it up into form and input sometimes seems more natural to me when coming up with copy that needs to convey ideas more than be original. (Could also be called the “Plagiarism Engine,” I dunno about intellectual property all that much.)

To-Do-List App- JSFiddle I’m trying to get a to do list app to spit out an End of Day Report with categorized tasks:  to do, in progress, needs review, needs help and done. Still in the middle stage of developing this fiddle.

Calculator that Doesn’t Calculate, Only Has Disappearing Keys – JSFiddle This is just some fun I had with an assignment. I really want to elaborate on this to make some kind of color chasing game/past-time.

Pop Up Carousel I’m still trying to refactor this so it uses classes and “this” instead of ids.


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